Textbook of Aramaic Documents from Ancient Egypt; Newly...

Textbook of Aramaic Documents from Ancient Egypt; Newly Copied, Edited and Translated into Hebrew and English, volume I: Letters

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Winona Lake, IN: Eisenbrauns, 1986 - 149 pp. ISBN 965-222-075-2Трилингва - арамейский, новый иврит, английский."The present collection is the first of four projected volumes of Documents from Ancient Egypt. Volume II will include Contracts; volume III, Lists, Literary, and Historical Texts; and volume IV, Ostraca. This four-volume Textbook is a preliminary publication of a complete Corpus of Aramaic Texts of the Persian Period which will include introduction, translation, and detailed commentary of each text, as well as an Index and Photo-plates.
The fifty letters on papyrus and leather are scattered around the world in museums and libraries in Brooklyn, Cairo, East and West Berlin, Oxford, Florence, Padua, Turin, Paris, and Strasbourg. Each piece has been examined at source, often more than once, and hand-copied. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make suitable copies of the Hermopolis papyri (A2.1-7) and so the plates in the Bresciani-Kamil publication have merely been touched up. In many cases new readings have been achieved. All translations are original and have been arranged in paragraphs (following the model of Driver) to facilitate comprehension. Conjectural restorations have been drawn with single strokes in the hand-copy and printed in different script in the transcription and translations."
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